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We would love to introduce ourselves. We are a full-service laundromat that offers self-clean coin-operated washers & dryers. We also specialize in wash & fold services for both pick-up and delivery. 

See below for more detail. 

Image by angela gerber

Self-Clean Options

For those of you that want to have full control over your clothing, we offer 24 washers and 24 dryers that will get the job done for you quickly. 

As of now, our machines are coin-operated, however, in late 2022 we will be upgrading to also offer card readers for each of the machines as well as a loyalty program. Stay tuned! 

Our facility is located beside the Kenosha Kingfish ballfield and is a clean and safe environment to clean your clothing. 

We offer vending products, a small retail shop, and free wifi.

Wash, Dry, Fold Services

It all starts with a quick download of an app then you are ready to get started with your own professional laundry service. We pick up and deliver right to your door. 

With the use of our Express Bags, you know that your laundry is in good hands. 

The app allows you to schedule delivery times, pick your detergents, set your handling specifications, and pay your bill. 

Our in-house W-2 staff have many years of knowledge in the laundry industry and understand the importance of proper care. 

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