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New to Wash & Fold Services? No Problem. We have made the process as easy for you as possible. Click the button below to find out more. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to separate my laundry by light and dark clothing before pickup?
Like many wash & fold companies, we wash all clothes together using a color grabber in all washes. However, if you want your clothes separated, please do so at your home and place them in separate bags. 

2. What if I want my clothes washed or dried in a specific way?
No problem, that is what our app is for! It allows you to choose the type of detergent you want us to use, temperature settings, and the number of rinse cycles. You will also have a place to input comments such as stains, tears, or other identifiers we need to be aware of. 

3. What type of detergents do you offer?

Great question! Currently, we offer Tide, All Free & Clear, and two natural alternatives: Humble Suds Laundry Soap (Sweet Orange & Lemongrass) or (Unscented). The laundry soap is made with 100% natural ingredients. The unscented is used for baby clothing care. 

We use white vinegar as a fabric softener and deodorizer. We feel the more natural we can be with our products the better you will feel. Please note this method will NOT make your clothes smell like vinegar. One of our owners has been using it for years. She loves the way it makes her clothes look and feel. 

4. How often do you schedule pickup and delivery?

There is no right or wrong answer here. It really is based on you and your family's needs. We offer the following services for Monday, Wednesday, or Friday: 

Weekly - This is great for a growing family that simply does not have time to spend washing, drying, folding, and pressing clothes for an entire household. Our clients will take care of smaller items needed frequently, such as uniforms, jerseys, or towels. Then we take care of the remaining loads. 

Bi-Weekly - This is a popular one, especially for individuals or smaller families. This is popular for bedding, kitchen towels, workout clothing, and dry cleaning orders. Just think of it as items that have been sitting in your hamper for more than a minute. 

Monthly - Want a jump start on your laundry for next month, then you can catch up with anything you have been putting off with our monthly service. This one is also great for larger items such as comforters, sofa covers, and washable rugs. 

5. That sounds great but what if I only need you a few times a year? 

This is fine as well! We love to see you whenever we can. However, we do not provide Express Bags for clients that greet us occasionally. You will place your clothing in a garbage bag or disposable bag. Please do not place any laundry in hampers. 

6. I have a commercial business that goes through SO MANY TOWELS! We also have uniforms, etc. Do you offer commercial or bulk rates? 

WE UNDERSTAND! We know you get sick of having to wash and fold so many towels. If you have to fold one more towel you are going to scream. Don't worry, we have you covered. We do offer commercial accounts with discounted rates based on quantity and frequency. Please contact our store for a quote. 

7. Do you offer dry cleaning services?
Yes, we do! We outsource our dry cleaning to a local partner in the area in order for your clothes to get the expert care they deserve. Our dry cleaning services usually have a turn-around time of 48 hours. Note, this could be longer during peak seasons such as the holiday season. 

8. What if I want to do my own laundry?

Great news! Our facility is a laundromat open to the public. Our machines are currently coin-operated but will be adding card readers by the end of 2022. You can bring in your own clothes, detergents, etc, and do your own laundry. We offer a clean and safe environment for our customers. We also offer a small retail shop, vending, and free wifi. 

9. What size machines do you offer?

Currently, we have several 18lb, 25lb, 40lb, and 60 lb washers. This means it will hold up to that number in lbs of laundry. Our prices can be found on our price list page for both self-wash and wash dry fold services. 

10. How am I charged for wash & fold services?

We agree, no surprises here. Our wash & fold services are based on the number of pounds of the bags you bring in or we pick up. If you have several wet items, we will weigh them AFTER we process and dry your clothes as wet clothes weigh much more than dry. We want to be fair. 

We do require a credit card or debit card to be on file and we will automatically charge your card upon completion. 

11. Do you charge for delivery?

Good news! We do not charge for local deliveries within a five-mile radius of our store. We only require a 20lb minimum for delivery. Anything outside of this area, there is a $3 extended delivery fee added to your bill for each run. We deliver up to 10 miles from our location. 

12. Do I have to be home for you to pick up or deliver my laundry?

No, we do not require you to be home. Simply leave your clothing in an accessible area so our driver can collect it easily. However, we do not take responsibility for any stolen or damaged laundry that occurs while being left unattended at your residence. 

13. Do you work with Air BNB businesses?

Yes! We sure do. We offer extra large bags for our business customers with large amounts of bedding, towels, and slipcovers. We offer flat rate pricing for our business clients to make it easier to manage their costs. We do require at minimum a monthly commitment. 

Standard - $45 per bag - holds approximately 3 loads of laundry

XL Bag - $65 per bag - holds approximately 5 loads of laundry

14. What does 10lbs or 20lbs of clothing look like for a residential customer?

Now we are talking numbers! We love it! So for a typical 10lb load, you would expect to see about 4 shirts, 5 t-shirts, 2 pairs of shorts or a pair of pants, 2 towels, and 7 pairs of socks/undies. Roughly about a week's worth of items. 

20lbs - roughly 7 shirts, 3-4 pairs of pants, 10 t-shirts, 4 pairs of shorts, 5 towels, 15 pairs of socks/undies

15. How do you price larger items like comforters or blankets?

We offer individual pricing on bulkier or specialty items. Please check our price list for more details. 

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